NEW, BONUS PERK for Crowdfunding Supporters

We’re off to a great start with our crowdfunding campaign for the North American Thebaid Project, currently at 20% of our goal and climbing. So, to thank our growing community of supporters, we’re adding a Special Bonus Perk for all supporters at the $25 level and above.

PursuingLightCoverIn addition to the existing rewards, all current and future supporters at $25 and up will also receive the eBook edition of my 2014 book, Pursuing the Light – Forty Years of Photography.

This coffee-table fine-art  book features a career-spanning retrospective of my landscape photographs over the last four decades, many of which have been selected for juried exhibits and won awards at shows from the Southeast to the Midwest. The eBook features the complete collection of over fifty photographs from the hardcover edition, plus the preface. You can view the book preview and explore many of the images here. And if you haven’t already, we invite you to head over to our crowdfunding site and support the Thebaid Project.

I think you’ll enjoy this unique collection of my work, which gives a sense of the look and feel I bring to my photography of Orthodox monasticism in North America through the Thebaid Project. In the preface I describe my “theology of photography” and the meaning of the book’s title, which I also discuss in this article on the official Thebaid website.

This Special eBook Edition of Pursuing the Light is compatible with Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and other apps, and can be enjoyed on iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices, and on all Mac and Windows computers. Delivery will be accomplished via email in late September, together with the other digital perks.

eBook edition regular retail price: $9.99. Hardcover edition: $74.53. 

Remember to share the Thebaid Project with your friends and family, and support us through our Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo! Your help enables travel and photography to begin in September 2016, which is rapidly approaching!

Thank you to all present and future supporters of the Thebaid Project!

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