Three New Galleries from California

Editing my photos has been in itself a great experience for me, to revisit my monastery pilgrimages from this summer, and rekindle the flame from these soul-stirring visits with monks and nuns who have left everything to follow Christ in the monastic life.

North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage
The self-renewing icon of St Nicholas (left foreground), iconostasis at Holy Assumption Monastery, Calistoga CA.


I just finished posting three new galleries, each of which includes a brief overview of the monastery in question, with links for you to further explore and plan your own pilgrimages:

Watch for more new galleries soon, as I continue to catch up with photo editing. Next up are St Herman of Alaska in Platina CA, All-Merciful Saviour in Vashon Island WA, and the Alaskan pilgrimage, followed by my return trip to monasteries in Arizona and Texas.

North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage
Fr Innocent inspecting a hive; notice the bees all around him… and his smile!

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As always, my heartfelt thanks for your prayers and support!


ANOTHER NEW GALLERY: St Silouan Monastery in Sonora CA

This was a very special visit for me, as Monk Ignatius and I have been corresponding off and on for nearly a decade, and I have dear friends in Cincinnati who also have strong ties to the monastery.

North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage

Even on this brief visit, I was able to get a real sense of the Brotherhood’s vision for the monastery, which is beautifully situated near Yosemite, a modest drive from San Francisco, Fresno, and Sacramento. Fr Ignatius’ vision for the property and the brothers’ warmth and hospitality are quite infectious, and I hope to return again soon, God willing.

Proceed to the new Gallery page, which also includes links to the St Silouan Monastery web site, and additional info.

North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage
The current main building…


NEW GALLERY: St Barbara Monastery, Santa Paula CA

The pace of my travels the past few weeks has been so steady as to leave no time for photo editing, but during this, my last week of travel on my western pilgrimage, I wanted to begin catching up on the many photos from California, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, and now Texas!

North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage
Lighting the lampadas; St Barbara Monastery, Santa Paula CA.

First up in this new group of galleries is St Barbara’s in Santa Paula, a beautiful women’s monastery situated in the steep but rolling hills of Southern California, just a short drive from the Pacific and many beautiful destinations. Follow this link to the new gallery, where you can also proceed to the monastery website to learn more about this blessed and important community of nuns.

St Herman, Spruce Island & the Alaskan Pilgrimage

This past Tuesday I returned to Anchorage from Kodiak, having spent four days with the monks at Archangel Michael Skete on Spruce Island.

Our monk skipper departs after dropping us pilgrims off at the landing for the return to Kodiak.


I’m back on the road today for my return leg, and am just putting up this quick post before leaving for the Divine Liturgy at St George (Antiochian) near Portland OR, so, as usual, I beg your patience and ask you to watch for photo galleries on this blessed chapter in my ongoing pilgrimage to Orthodox Christian monasteries in  North America.

These are unedited photos, which I will rework and re-post as soon as I can, but they give a tiny glimpse of the holy wonder I experienced on Spruce Island:

For a delightful look at the annual St Herman Pilgrimage, see this video report by Indie Alaska.

As always, my heartfelt thanks for your prayers and support!



A Quick Update before Alaska

I’m very thankful for all my travel plans coming together, and for my pilgrimage to Alaska (which begins later this morning!), but this has had the effect of delaying again the posting of new photo galleries for another couple of weeks.

I did want to give you at least a few images before going ‘off the grid’ yet again, so think of these as a promise of future galleries. There is a wide variety f images of monastic life to share, and numerous new images for the final book itself. Glory to God!

As always, thank you for your prayers and support!