Sign the Petition to preserve St Anthony’s Monastery in Arizona!

This was posted over at Pravoslavie, and is rapidly spreading via Facebook. Please sign the petition and share with your network on FB, Twitter and elsewhere…


St Anthony Monastery - Elder Ephraim Inset

A page entitled “Preserve the Sacred Grounds of Saint Anthony’s Monastery” has appeared on Facebook, calling attention to the proposed construction of over 200 new houses in the immediate area of the monastery which would greatly disrupt the quietude of this spiritual center, founded by and the home of the Athonite elder Ephraim, former abbot of Philotheou. A petition has also been started, which can be signed here.
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A Call for ‘Radical Monastic Renewal’ within the Orthodox Church


Nothing less “than a radical renewal and growth of monasticism within Orthodoxy will meet the crisis of the coming deluge.”

From ‘A Festival of Celtic Orthodoxy’, by Fr. Stephen Freeman, Glory to God for All Things Blog, May 12, 2016:

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Celtic Christianity was the role of monasticism. The missions to the Celts occurred mostly after the rise of desert monasticism, indeed, they were pretty much coincident. For whatever reason, monastic Christianity and all that accompanies it took deep root among the Celts and the English as well…

But the monastics in the British Isles, like the monastics across the Christian world of Late Antiquity, became a primary force within the whole of Church life. They were missionaries. They were librarians. They were copyists. They were authors. They were hymnographers. They were a hedge against the power of the state. They were protectors of Orthodox teaching.

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Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery begins 40th year

OCA, Holy Myrrhbearers, May 13, 2016:

Myrrhbearers-2016-0513-otegony1His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon, will preside at the celebration of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy marking the opening of the 40th anniversary year of Holy Myrrhbearers’ Monastery here on the Sunday of the Holy Myrrhbearing Women, May 15, 2016.

The Divine Liturgy, to which the faithful are warmly invited, will begin at 10:00 a.m. in the monastery chapel.  An informal “Agape” fellowship hour will follow.

“Throughout the week of May 15, we will have an informal Open House, ending with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 21,” said Mother Raphaela, Abbess.  “In addition, while we no longer schedule formal ‘pilgrimage’ days, the monastery chapel will be open daily for monastic services and quite prayer.  Everyone is always welcome!”
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