Thebaid Images featured on covers of STM Press 2019 Liturgical Rubrics Book, Pocket Planner

The close relationship between the North American Thebaid Project and St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press continues to bear fruit, with the publication of the STM Press 2019 Liturgical Rubrics & Calendar, and their 2019 Pocket Planner, each of which feature a stunning photograph from The North American Thebaid on the cover.

These are in addition to the publication of the 2019 St Tikhon’s Monastery Press Liturgical Calendar, which features fourteen photographs from the Thebaid Project. More info, with images from this large-format wall-calendar and links to order from STM Press are provided here.

I continue to feel deeply thankful and honored that St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press has so embraced the North American Thebaid Project, and is using more of the images for their outstanding line of liturgical calendars, books and resources, which will go out to many hundreds of Orthodox parishes and thousands of believers across the United States and Canada.

Specifications for the STM Press 2019 Liturgical Rubrics & Calendar, and 2019 Pocket Planner follow:

2019 Liturgical Rubrics & Calendar

(Revised Julian “New” Calendar)
$40.00 – In stock

Holy Dormition Monastery, Rives Jct MI. Photograph © Ralph H. Sidway

This book contains rubrical notes for the services throughout the year. It also contains sections on degrees of fasting, seasonal vestment colors, a lectionary for readings on special occasions, a list of canonical days for marriage, kathismata readings throughout the year, how to chant the prokeimena, and composite readings for Vigil-ranked saints or feasts.  This is an essential book for New Calendar parishes. Order direct from STM Press.

2019 Pocket Planner

Prophet Elias Chapel, St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery, Florence AZ. Photograph © Ralph H. Sidway

(Revised Julian “New” Calendar)
$3.50 – In stock

St. Tikhon’s 2019 Pocket Planners are designed for keeping track of your life on the go. Major and minor feast days are featured throughout along with excerpts from the Sermon on the Mount, Paschalia through 2022, dates for 12 Major Feasts, Popular Saints, Wonderworking icons of the Mother of God. Order direct from STM Press.


Travel and photography for the Thebaid Project concluded in September 2018, and the resulting book, The North American Thebaid, Glimpses of Orthodox Christian Monasticism, Photographs by Ralph H. Sidway, is scheduled to be published in Spring 2019 by St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press, South Canaan, Pennsylvania.

This large-format, fine-art “coffee table” book represents the culmination of a unique multi-year project, which has combined crowdfunding, social media, and an unprecedented photographic pilgrimage to over thirty Orthodox monasteries across the American continent, to help raise awareness of and interest in the Orthodox Church and its ancient monastic traditions, and thus contribute to the “churching” of America.

One of several early cover designs for the Thebaid Book. View more, see book specifications, and pre-order at


Both a Standard Edition (cloth-bound, with French-fold dust jacket and heavyweight, museum-quality fine art paper) and a Deluxe Limited Edition with Bonded Leather cover and ribbon marker, signed and numbered, are available to pre-order now.

Prototype Cover Design for the Deluxe Limited Edition in Bonded Leather. See book specifications and pre-order at


Full book specifications are provided for each item on our online store. Signed copies are also offered, bundled with signed & matted fine art prints. Quantity discounts for signed bundles are also available. Proceed to the Thebaid Online Store to learn more and pre-order.

As always, heartfelt thanks for your prayers and support!


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