January 2019 Thebaid Update

On to publication of the Thebaid Book in Spring 2019!

This update serves as a special ‘Thank you’ to our dozens of dear supporters, for propelling the North American Thebaid Project to the threshold of its goal, the publication of the large-format, photographic coffee table book, due in Spring 2019 from St Tikhon’s Monastery Press, South Canaan PA.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be deeply engaged in photo editing and book design, sending files back and forth with the design team at St. Tikhon’s Press, and working closely with our pre-press partners at Four Colour Print Group in Louisville and FCI Digital in Dayton, as we work to fulfill our goal of creating an inspiring, museum-quality photo book. We can’t wait to get it into your hands!

St Tikhon’s Press announces the Thebaid Book to over 20,000 readers

St Tikhon’s 2019 Liturgical Calendar, featuring photographs from the North American Thebaid.

St Tikhon’s Monastery Press chose to announce their role as publisher of the Thebaid book through a statement in their 2019 Liturgical Calendar, which features fourteen full-color images from the Thebaid Project.

Covering over a dozen Orthodox monasteries across America, from several of the canonical Orthodox jurisdictions and archdioceses here, this beautiful calendar has now been distributed to hundreds of parish churches, reaching an audience of over 20,000, who began using this unique liturgical calendar on January 1 of the New Year.

We are deeply grateful for St. Tikhon’s Press and their public endorsement of the Thebaid Project. You can order the St Tikhon’s 2019 Liturgical Calendar direct from STM Press…

Thebaid Online Store open for business

Also this past autumn we launched our new Thebaid Online Store, which enables easy pre-order of the Thebaid book, powered by the robust security of PayPal.

One of the prototype covers for the Thebaid Book, featuring the entrance to St Herman of Alaska Monastery, Platina CA.

With the launch of the Thebaid Store, it is time to officially close our GoFundMe Campaign, which joins our highly successful Indiegogo campaign as one of the keys to the success of this unique, multi-year photographic pilgrimage.

We still greatly appreciate your prayers and help in spreading the word about the Thebaid Book! Tell your friends and family and share on Facebook about the North American Thebaid.

Supporters can easily pre-order the North American Thebaid photo book ahead of its Spring 2019 publication date through our Thebaid Store.

The same options for pre-ordering the book that we offered on our Indiegogo and GoFundMe crowdfunding sites are available through the Thebaid Online Store:

• Standard Hardcover Edition — $50

Standard Edition, signed, with a signed & matted fine art print from the Thebaid Project — $100   (Quantity discounts available.)

• Deluxe Limited Edition in Bonded Leather, signed and numbered, also with a signed & matted fine art print from the Thebaid Project — $275.  (Quantity discounts available.)

Significant Pre-Orders pave the way for a successful Book Launch

We have been thrilled by the response to the Thebaid Project! To date, we’ve had over a hundred pre-orders for the Standard Edition of the book, and over three dozen for the Deluxe Limited Edition. This affirms our hope that we are contributing a beautiful and worthwhile work to the Orthodox faithful of North America, one which may also draw seekers to the Orthodox Church and to her monastic life.

Notes for Supporters:

Our heartfelt thanks to each of you, our supporters, for your contributions! You helped make possible this unique, photographic pilgrimage to over thirty Orthodox Christian monasteries in North America.

As a reminder, supporters will receive their copies of the book (and, if they qualify, their signed and matted fine-art prints) in advance of general retail distribution.

Thank you again for your interest in the North American Thebaid! Proceed to the Thebaid Online Store for more info, full book and fine-art print specifications, and to pre-order the Thebaid Book.


The North American Thebaid is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Association. A significant proportion of your contributions via our Indiegogo and GoFundMe sites are tax deductible. Tax receipts will be emailed to supporters in the coming days. (Pre-orders made through the Thebaid Store are not tax-deductible.) Thank you!


6 thoughts on “January 2019 Thebaid Update

    1. I hope to have an answer from the publisher soon! St Tikhon’s Press had several publishing projects ahead of mine this year, but have completed most of them now. I am personally hopeful for distribution in early Autumn, and will provide specifics as soon as we have them. – Thank you!


  1. Robert Limpert

    What’s going on with the book? Progress? It has been sometime since Spring of 2019. I’m quite sure I preordered my copy. Please fill me in. -Bob Limpert



    1. Hello, Bob! Yes, as you may have seen in my other blog posts, the publication date had been pushed back from 2019 into 2020. We had some great meetings with St Tikhon’s Press on the initial design and image selection in late 2019. Early 2020 saw the gathering of various articles for the book contributed by respected monastic writers. The Covid lockdown did interrupt our work for a time, both at the Press and at my end. It was a little chaotic, to say the least, as the book was to be printed in China. (Our printer has been sourcing new press options in America — a welcome development!) I’m very pleased to report we resumed our pre-press work in July, and will finally get into the detailed proofing process so as to go to press as soon as possible. I look forward to announcing some actual calendar dates very soon, following our next round of virtual meetings with STM Press and our printer. Thank you again for your support! – Ralph Sidway


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