Thebaid Store Back Online

One of the early cover prototype designs, featuring Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville NY. Actual cover design may vary.

This is just a quick follow-up to my post from earlier today. Thankfully, all the DNS server connections and tumblers clicked into place and accomplished their secret digital handshakes, and lo and behold, the Thebaid Store is back online.

I made sure to update and test the links from the feature column on the right side of the website here (they all work as expected), as well as test the shopping cart and functions which, powered by PayPal as they are, all performed flawlessly. We are once again open for business, and look forward to receiving your preorders.

Please note that embedded links to the store from earlier posts and pages may not work. There are so many of these that it may not be possible to easily redirect them all, though I intend to go back through recent posts and manually update the links.

Pre-ordering the Thebaid Book:

  • Standard Edition, Signed, with Signed/Matted Fine Art Print – Starting at $100 each, quantity discounts available.
  • Deluxe Limited Edition, Leather Bound w/Ribbon Marker, Signed & Numbered, with Signed/Matted Fine Art Print – Starting at $275 each, quantity discounts available.
  • Pre-orders will be shipped and fulfilled before retail supplies reach stores.
  • Pre-orders are the only way to order the Signed/Matted Fine Art Prints, which come bundled with pre-order books; these prints will not be available separately.
  • Pre-orders are the only way to order the Deluxe Limited Edition, Leather Bound. As this is a true limited edition book, and is custom produced, we will only order the quantity of pre-orders, plus a small quantity for our Thebaid team. The Deluxe Limited Edition will not be available through retail stores or online, only by pre-order.

My heartfelt thanks again for your support, and my apologies for any inconvenience due to the store outage. I’m very glad to have everything back up and running as quickly as we did!

Best wishes, and watch for more updates as we begin the proofing process and get closer to setting an actual print date!

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