New Gallery & Thebaid Project Update

Major news on key aspects of the North American Thebaid project, plus a new gallery of monastery images, makes this a very special update…

Cemetery Chapel in winter, Dormition Monastery, Rives Jct, Michigan

Well, it wasn’t exactly intentional, but following my pilgrimage to the Dormition of the Mother of God Monastery in Rives Jct, Michigan in early February, my photo editing workload resulted in me taking a break from posting online. So I’m especially eager to share with you some new images and the latest developments.

  1. Holy Dormition Monastery Photo Gallery – Almost two-dozen images in this gallery, with more to follow soon, as I continue to edit the photos from my visit. Before this trip, I had been growing concerned that I didn’t have any snow scenes yet. Well, in addition to there still being a few inches of snow when I arrived, we soon got hit with two feet more (!), resulting in that otherworldly stillness and luminous beauty which is so unique to winter. Proceed to the new gallery here.
  2. Book Preparation has begun – I have been working on the North American Thebaid book itself, including the challenging task of selecting the images, and doing the deeper editing required for going to print, as well as the actual book design. There is a sense of anticipation as this new stage makes everything quite “real” and tangible going forward.
  3. Discussions with our expected publisher continue, and we look forward on both our parts to a fruitful collaboration as I prepare to send the initial book design for them to review.
  4. The North American Thebaid has been designated a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the IRS, which greatly simplifies filing for our supporters. If you have been waiting for this news before supporting us through a contribution, we are very happy to announce this long-awaited development.
  5. The Western Pilgrimage is due to begin soon after Orthodox Pascha, with travel plans to be announced soon for monasteries in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, California, and beyond.
  6. Interest in the Thebaid Project continues to grow, with over 400 followers for the website, and well over 30,000 views.  Be sure to share and like us on Facebook also!

As always, our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters who believe in this unique fine art photographic project, and are propelling it along through pre-ordering the finished book. You can learn about the many rewards for supporters here, and contribute via our GoFundMe platform, or through PayPal.

Continued appreciation to our dedicated volunteers who comprise the North American Thebaid Association Board and Advisors, as well as to all our partners. You undergird this effort, and make it all possible.

Please keep us in your prayers, and watch for more photos and updates soon!

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