First Photographs from Dormition Monastery

I’ve been at Dormition Monastery in Rives Jct, Michigan, for a little less than a week now, and am very pleased with several images I’ve made so far. Of course, I’ll post a full gallery after I finish my visit, but I didn’t want to wait that long to share these with you.

The main church at Dormition Monastery transports you to the heavenlies the moment you enter…

So, I hope you enjoy this small selection of my first photographs in 2018 for the Thebaid book! Scroll down for the slide show…

This visit to Dormition Monastery marks a great start to 2018 for the Thebaid Project. With 15-20 monasteries still to be visited on my pilgrimage, we’re on track with our original plan to finish the photography by early Summer, and have the book printed and in distribution by early Autumn 2018. By pre-ordering the book, you are helping to support a unique photographic pilgrimage to dozens of Orthodox Christian monasteries across the USA and Canada, providing a compelling glimpse into the beautiful, prayerful realm of these monks and nuns, who support the world through their ceaseless prayers.

You can view hundreds of photographs from over a dozen monasteries (so far!) on the Thebaid Project Galleries page. Learn more about the Thebaid Project here.

Asking your prayers and support

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6 thoughts on “First Photographs from Dormition Monastery

  1. Dear Zosimas,

    There are so many very special things about the Orthodox Monastery of the Dormition where you are now. I want to let you know our monastic New Tikhvin Skete fo the Holy Mother of God comes from this tradition of prayer brought be the 3 nuns from Romania, Mother Benedicta (Braga), Mother Apollinara and Mother Gabriella and now from the 1970’s missionary monastics. Father Roman (Braga) while now in the heavenly realm continues to guide us and is our “spiritual father”. Most importantly is the unconditional love shared and given by this team of prayer warriors and Fr. Roman embracing you with care and concern for your well being in a total physical and spiritual manner. May your blessing multiple in this visit and open the gates for others for this burning desire to grow closer to Christ and each other.

    Please note also the individual attention given each garden spot at the crosses planted in the cemetary are a visual sign of the care and love given from the monastery to each individual need and spark to creativity yet communal in nature. The winter scenes will be different in the cemetary. Father Roman’s passing to eternity in the period after Pascha helps us all winter the time until the spring bursts forth and we share the hymns of Christ is Risen. When Father Roman was passing, I am in another state, Florida, and the joy of music and hymns and continual singing was with me continually for 4 hours or more into the early morning hours.

    Father Roman and the sisters and Mother Alexandra were also there for me when I had cancer wrapped around my vocal chords, and was financially destitute. They sent money through a postal money order to keep me from homelessness when I had negative figure in my bank account in addition to their prayers for me and my children. THanks be to God for all things.


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