Four New Galleries of Monastery Photos

Featuring a gallery of new photographs from Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville NY, made in November 2016, plus three galleries “from the archives”, dating from 2005 to 2015.

Version 2
Pannikhida (memorial service), Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville NY; © Ralph H. Sidway

The end of 2016 and the first weeks of the new year have been busy with the Great Feasts of the Nativity of Christ and His Glorious Theophany at the Baptism in the Jordan River, and like many of you, I have enjoyed making some personal travels during these holy days.

Now it is a great joy to turn again to the North American Thebaid Project, and I’m very  eager to share with you our plans for the coming year and beyond.

But first, it’s time for some new images!

Be sure to visit the new gallery of photographs from Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville NY. And from my archives are selections of images from St Gregory Palamas and the Skete of the Entrance in northern Ohio, as well as from St Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina CA.

To browse all the Galleries, just hover (or tap) the Galleries link in the menu, or proceed to the main Galleries page to see at a glance all the monasteries represented so far.

What’s Ahead?

Watch for our special announcement of Phase II of the North American Thebaid coming very soon, with info on upcoming travel and new creative directions for the Thebaid Project.

And please remember to share our links with your friends, family and church. I hope to see many of you soon on my travels!


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