Phase II of the North American Thebaid has Officially Launched!

After our successful first season of travel and photography to several monasteries, and presentations at Orthodox parishes across five states, we’re officially announcing Phase II of the North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage

Support the North American Thebaid at our GoFundMe page…

Phase I fundraising was a solid success. Raising 92% of our initial goal, it enabled travel and photography to begin in Summer 2016, with photographs made at five monasteries across three states, and a return visit to Ellwood City for some strong images (such as above) at the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration.

Having tested and proven our plans, we are moving into the main stretch of the Thebaid Pilgrimage: 2017 will see the bulk of the travel and the longest legs of the journey, literally to the four corners of North America.

We invite you to contribute at our new GoFundMe page, which will serve as our main crowdfunding site for the duration of the Thebaid Pilgrimage. GoFundMe enables continuous fundraising, and has been chosen by numerous Orthodox Christian causes for its secure platform and its charitable emphasis.

We wish to thank our more than 70 supporters who have enabled the success of Phase I and our first monastery visits.

And we invite you who have not yet contributed to please consider doing so. Basically, we can’t do it without you!

Though blessed and endorsed by our diocesan bishop, the Thebaid Project is not financially supported by the Church, nor is it funded by wealthy benefactors or foundations.

Rather, we rely on individual contributors like you to partner with us in our mission to help reveal the Orthodox monastic life and inspire more monastic vocations.

The principal way we fund the North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage is through pre-sales of the finished book.

This time-honored method has been used by such well-known artists and photographers as John James Audubon and Ansel Adams. Sometimes referred to as a Founding Subscriber’s Edition, this pre-order business model is being embraced anew by independent publishers to help ensure the success of specialty books for niche markets, and is perfectly suited for the Thebaid Project.

In addition to pre-ordering the completed book starting at the $50 supporter level, at $100 and up, you’ll also receive a signed & matted fine-art print from the Thebaid Galleries.

And, all supporters at $25 and up will receive the Digital Rewards Package, including two photographic eBooks and more. We want every supporter to benefit from and be blessed by the North American Thebaid Project.

For parishes, we have an exclusive offer, which we call ‘Creative Tent-making’. We think it’s a great way for you to support the Thebaid Pilgrimage, and for us to thank you with our gifts and talents in return. Learn more here.

In closing, I’d like to share with you some strong endorsements from clergy, press and our supporters. We learned during the planning stages that the North American Thebaid is a unique and creative missionary endeavor, but we had no idea it would inspire people the way it has, and we are very thankful for such strong encouragement and prayers.

Thank you for your prayerful support, and watch for more updates soon!

Proceed to our GoFundMe page…

2 thoughts on “Phase II of the North American Thebaid has Officially Launched!

  1. Dear Mr. Sidway:

    May the Lord bless you in this beautiful endeavor!

    We are a small, Western Rite, Benedictine Monastery in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese, founded in 2013, and granted canonical recognition in 2015. We are located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, about 70 miles from Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery in Lake George. Our community is blessed to include both monks and nuns, and resides on a beautiful, 600-acre campus. We are 4 in number at present.

    Although your itinerary is pretty full, we would like to invite you to consider including us in your projected Colorado phase of your incredible pilgrimage. There are very few Western Orthodox monasteries in North America, though ROCOR is in the process of founding two in Louisiana.

    Praying for you a blessed pre-Lenten season and a holy and fruitful Lent, I am,

    Faithfully yours,

    The Rev. Hierodeacon Theodore, Prior (Superior)


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