Thebaid Logo and Graphics

Thank you for your interest in sharing news about the North American Thebaid. This is a great help to us and our mission to spread the word about Orthodox Christian Monasticism in North America.

Below are a variety of images based on the Thebaid Logo which you can download, save and share. Please refer and link back to this website — — whenever you email, post, print or share.

If sharing online, we ask that you embed or provide a link back to this website at

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Download a single sheet PDF with four different size Thebaid Logo Graphics here. (JPEG version immediately below.)

Click to view full-size. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) and select ‘Save’ to download.

Thebaid Logo Sheet-JPEG.  (PDF sheet provided above.) Click for full size.
Thebaid Logo – Large — 1416 x 528 pixels. Click for full size.
Thebaid Logo – Medium — 1168 x 407 pixels. Click for full size.
Thebaid Logo – Small — 940 x 296 pixels. Click for full size.
Thebaid URL Banner “Join” — 849 x 255 pixels. Click for full size.
Thebaid Thin Photo Banner “Join” — 1901 x 354 pixels. Click for full size.

NEW! Here is our Thebaid Info Card, which we provide as a handout at parish presentations. PDF Version | JPEG Immediately below:

Thebaid Info Card; 1224 x 1584 pixels, 629Kb file size; great for emails. Click for full size. (NOTE: Non-Profit status waived after travel completed in early 2019.)
Thebaid Phase II Promo Badge — 1650 x 1275 pixels. Click for full size.
NAT Mock-Up Book-red3
Thebaid Phase I Promo Badge — 1950 x 1650 pixels. Click for full size.

Thank you again for supporting the North American Thebaid Pilgrimage!