Holy Cross Monastery, Castro Valley CA

Holy Cross Monastery spreads along a beautiful stretch of hilly land along a narrow road connecting Castro Valley with Silicon Valley. The small monastic brotherhood serves a wide array of Orthodox communities, and has excellent facilities for retreats, receptions and conferences, The beautiful chapel has an utterly unique metal iconostasis, and one is surprised by lovely views at every turn.

North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage
The inspiring and inviting monastery entrance.

Holy Cross is in the Bulgarian Diocese of the Orthodox Church in America, under Archbishop Alexander (Golitzin).

From the entry of the Atlas of American Orthodox Monasteries:

Only forty minutes from San Francisco and only few miles away from Silicon Valley, the Holy Cross Monastery feels entirely disconnected from the outside world. It sits on the nine acres of beautifully landscaped property, surrounded by hills and lush vegetation. A creek meanders through the monastery’s land, and wildlife is abundant here, with deer, raccoons, squirrels, and wild turkeys being frequent “visitors” to the monastery…

The majestic redwood trees that tower today behind the main church building were planted by the fathers themselves. Holy Cross Monastery places a strong emphasis on hospitality and on serving the spiritual needs of Orthodox Christians of all cultural traditions. Orthodox faithful of various ethnic backgrounds come here not only for church services, but also for weddings, baptisms, and day retreats… An elegant dining space and a covered portico are available for receptions. Holy Cross Monastery also provides space for seminars and conferences.