What is Crowdfunding?

Like the North American Thebaid Project itself, our crowdfunding model seems to be somewhat unique in the Orthodox world.

What is crowdfunding? From Indiegogo’s website:

Crowdfunding is “the process of raising money online through contributions made by many different people, sometimes hundreds or thousands, who share the same passion for your project.”

By providing even $25 level donors with rewards in appreciation for their support, the crowdfunding campaign is about much more than raising money for the Project.

We believe very strongly in the missionary aspect of this project, in making sure every supporter feels included and appreciated, with the hope that people and parishes will truly become energized and involved through this.

We are seeking not just donors, but fellow “Thebaid Pilgrims” who will support the travel & photography and the resulting book, and who themselves will expand their visits to and support of Orthodox monasticism in North America. We also have a great hope that some new monastics will be inspired to begin their journey by this effort.

Contribute via our GoFundMe Page to help us complete this unique and worthy missionary journey!


Supporters of crowdfunded projects typically receive rewards, or “perks”, in compensation for their contributions. It is our way of thanking our supporters with a tangible expression of our appreciation.

Since the Thebaid Project is about photography, we’ve set up our crowdfunding perks so that even entry level donors (at $25) will receive valuable photographic rewards, including two (2) of my photographic eBooks, plus three (3) High-Resolution Images from my Mount Athos Collection.

Beginning at the $50 level, supporters will receive first edition copies of the finished book. Those who would like to provide more support have a number of levels at which they receive higher value rewards, including signed books, signed and matted museum quality fine-art prints, and a leather-bound Limited Edition.

One could say that the Church has always been about crowdfunding, ever since St Paul collected donations during his missionary journeys to help the church in Jerusalem (cf. 1 COR 16:1-3). Now, through the internet and social media, it is easier than ever before to reach large groups of supporters to help fund unique endeavors such as the North American Thebaid Photographic Pilgrimage Project.


Our rewards for supporters include advance copies of the finished North American Thebaid book, which we plan to have published in the second half of 2018. Our goal is to thank our supporters with their copies of the book before the book reaches stores and resellers.

There is both a standard, Hardcover First Edition, and a special, Founding Subscribers’ Limited Edition in Bonded Leather, planned.

Because we have already received questions about and commitments for multiple copies of both the standard Hardcover First Edition, and the special Founding Subscribers’ Limited Edition in Bonded Leather, we have created special reward levels for multiple copies, which present significant savings over the single copy reward levels. Pool your resources! Get some friends together to support the Project, and save up to 33% over the single unit reward levels.

There are also Digital Rewards for all supporters at the $25 level and up, which are delivered immediately, as well as signed & matted fine-art prints for all supporters at the $100 level and up, which will be delivered beginning in mid-2017.


I hope you’ll join me in becoming a Thebaid Pilgrim, and help support this worthy project with your contributions and prayers!  

~ Thank you!