Monastery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, South Canaan PA

img_0063St Tikhon’s (OCA, men’s) is the oldest Orthodox Christian Monastery in North America, established in 1905, and it is truly a place “where saints have walked.”

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated here  daily, and it is joined with St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, providing seminarians and newly ordained clergy invaluable experience in celebrating the divine services.

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Photographs from my first pilgrimage to St. Tikhon’s Monastery, September 2016


Version 3
Being anointed for the Feast…

img_9895 Version 2

Door to monks’ cells. The sign reads: “Please, monks only beyond this point.”
Entrance to the monks’ living quarters and private chapel. Note the carved Orthodox crucifix on the door…
The monks’ private chapel, dedicated to St Theodosius of Chernigov. The myrrh-streaming icon of St Anna also resides here. This has a deeply holy, “prayer in” feel to it…
The myrrh-streaming icon of St Anna, mother of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos. She was not streaming myrrh during my visit, but the fragrance was very strong…
Reception area of the monks’ quarters, the open door at right center leads to the monks’ cells.
Wide view of the Chapel of St Theodosius of Chernigov.

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