Parish Presentations


Help spread the word about the North American Thebaid Book and Orthodox Christian Monasticism by hosting a book signing and presentation at your parish!

Thebaid Presentation 2022 - 1
This is a unique opportunity 
for churches, schools and other organizations to:

  • experience an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the multi-year North American Thebaid Pilgrimage Project,
  • enjoy a book signing and meet & greet event with the photographer-author,
  • host a multimedia educational presentation on the History of Orthodox Monasticism in America,
  • and, use this event as a fundraiser for your parish or school, as well as a missionary opportunity to draw new visitors from your city or region.

The North American Thebaid Book is a creative effort specifically intended to contribute in some small way to the “churching of America.” Hosting a Thebaid Presentation can help draw more people to the Orthodox Church, as well as help with the growth of Orthodox monasticism in America.


Meet & Greet Option during Coffee Hour:

If you don’t have an immediate opening for the full presentation, I would still be delighted to come and set up my table-top display, with continuous digital slide show, and do a more informal “meet & greet event” and book signing during coffee hour. My hope is to spread the word about the North American Thebaid Book to as many parishes as possible.

Contact me for details, questions and to schedule…

Suggestions for hosting a Successful Thebaid Book Signing and Presentation:

  • Post the info on your parish website and Facebook page,
  • Invite other Orthodox parishes in your city or region,
  • Use our special Thebaid graphics to enhance your web, email and church bulletin announcements promoting the event,
  • Invite your local college OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) chapter,
  • Reach out to area colleges & universities, invite their philosophy & religion departments to attend,
  • Issue a press release, and invite local news outlets to cover the presentation — use the opportunity as a means to invite the public to learn more about Orthodoxy, Monasticism, and to ‘Come and see!’

As you can see, the North American Thebaid Project is about much more than photography. I see this endeavor as a unique creative missionary endeavor which can help advance the “churching of America.”