Pascha Pre-Press Update!

Dear Friends and Supporters, Fellow Pilgrims All!

Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!

I hope you have had a radiant Pascha (or Easter) and have been able to rejoice in the light of the Resurrection of Christ!

Here, my experience of Pascha has been magnified by more steady progress on the pre-press work on the Thebaid book. I was afraid that we would have to hit the pause button for a week or even two due to Holy Week, but we only needed to take off Great and Holy Friday, and did not need to miss any of our weekly production calls.

By the numbers, we found a few weeks ago that we had ten or twelve images which had to be resized for the large 2-page spreads, and a couple more for full-page bleeds. This process is basically complete, and we are now hard at work on the CMYK file conversions; the image files need to be translated from their original RGB mode to four color, CMYK, which prepares them for offset printing. Other than that, only a few lingering stylistic elements need to be finalized. We are thrilled at seeing the goal line getting closer each week.

As always, thank you for your support and prayers as we prepare to go to print!

Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

Ralph Sidway

† Pre-Order Notes:

  • Pre-orders of The North American Thebaid book are still available for a limited time at The Thebaid Store.
  • The Deluxe Limited Edition (signed & numbered, with signed and matted print) is available only by pre-order for a limited time. Once the book goes go to print, we will close the pre-order Thebaid Store.
  • Signed copies of the Standard Edition (with a signed and matted print) are available by pre-order until the book goes to print.
  • The signed and matted 8×10 prints are only available by pre-order bundled with the book, and will not be available separately either before we go to print, or afterwards. There are currently no plans to offer Thebaid prints for sale.
  • Pre-orders will be shipped before retail channels receive their copies for resale.
  • Upon publication, the Standard Edition will be available through the STM Press Bookstore, and through other online and ‘brick and mortar’ resellers.
  • Contact STM Press with queries about discounts for resellers and church bookstores.

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